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Welcome to the RROS

The Society was founded in 1901, at a time before the Grouping when the industry comprised a large number of private companies, and there were also British-owned and managed railways overseas. The aim has always been to provide an opportunity for maintaining ongoing friendships and contacts, as well as representing the interests of its members particularly in relation to pensions, travel rights and facilities.

It has continued through the inter-war years of the “Big 4” companies, and then for a half-century of nationalised British Railways. Membership currently consists largely of people whose careers began with BR, but not exclusively so, and there are others who served in the wider railway industry, and a few more loosely associated with it. There is now a broad representation across the pre and post-privatised industry, of people who retired from senior positions. Membership at present stands at over 700, the majority being men, reflecting recruitment practices in the 20th Century, with the number of women members now increasing.

The Society normally meets monthly, with 10 meetings in London, one in the Midlands and one in York. An independent partner association operates in Scotland. Two lunches are also held each year, in London. At all these meetings speakers are invited to talk on relevant topics, not necessarily, but often, on railway matters. The Society is able to attract a high calibre of speaker because of the respected experience of the audience. In addition the Society aims to organise at least two social events or visits each year.

The Society also serves to represent the interests of its members, in their pensions and other benefits. It holds a formal position in relation to the Railway Pensions Scheme, and is actively involved in matters such as the safeguarding of travel facilities.

The Society elects a President each year, who will guide the programme for that period of office, and is proud of its distinguished list of Past Presidents.

Nomination forms are available from the Hon. Secretary.

For further information please email us.

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"A man Sir, should keep his friendship in constant repair"

Dr. Johnson to Sir Joshua Reynolds

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