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RROS Speakers

06/12/2021Network Rail updateAndrew Haines
01/11/2021A Journey into Railway HistoryFelix Schmid
04/10/2021Railways and AcademiaProfessor Felix Schmid
06/09/2021Designing HS2Professor Andrew McNaughton
02/08/2021HR on the railway in the 21st CenturyRuth Busby (GWR)
05/07/2021Great British RailwaysDick Fearn
07/06/2021National Express - Germany CallingAndrew Chivers (virtual meeting)
10/05/2021AGMCliff Perry (virtual meeting)
12/04/2021A Spinner SpeaksRupert Brennan Brown Porterbrook (virtual mtg)
01/03/2021A Railway in Crisis?Tim Shoveller Network Rail (virtual mtg)
01/02/2021Building Back Better, Greener and FasterSteve White COO, GTR (virtual mtg)
04/01/2021Trains, Trams and BusesChris Coleman (virtual mtg)
07/12/2020High Speed OneDyan Crowther CEO (virtual mtg)
02/11/2020Railway JournalismNigel Harris (virtual mtg)
05/10/2020The Challenge of New TrainsRoss Spicer (virtual mtg)
07/09/2020Carbon and Water - Its Not Just About Running TrainsAndrew MacPherson (virtual mtg)
03/08/2020Cross-Country Trains Customer ServiceTom Joyner MD (virtual mtg)
06/07/2020Social Media in TransportVernon Everitt TfL (virtual mtg)
01/06/2020London MeetingCancelled
07/05/2020Spring LuncheonEvent Postponed
06/04/2020Meeting PostponedYork
02/03/2020London TravelWatchArthur Leathley
03/02/2020AGMCharles Belcher
06/01/2020Policing in the 21st CenturyPaul Crowther BTP
02/12/2019How not to do FranchisingIryna Terlecky
15/11/2019Members LuncheonSir Peter Hendy
04/11/2019Railways and Transport policy Stephen Joseph
07/10/2019The Scottish WayAlex Hynes
02/09/2019Lessons from the past, inspiration for the futureSimon Coppen (Burges Salmon)
05/08/2019Another Young Rail Professional (Birmingham)Georgia Ehrmann
01/07/2019What I think of you lotRoger Ford
03/06/2019What I've learnt about railways the hard WayMike Goggin
02/05/2019Spring Luncheon: Network Rail - the first 200 daysAndrew Haines
08/04/2019A Young Rail Professional's Guide to Network Rail (York)Fjolle Bunjaku
04/03/2019Why Transport Focus is Good for YouAnthony Smith
11/02/2019AGMSir Michael Holden
07/01/2019Thameslink Engineering ChallengesSimon Blanchflower
03/12/201830 Years on from ClaphamKen Burrage
16/11/2018Members LuncheonBridget Rosewell C.B.E.
05/11/2018HS2 The Engineering and Construction ChallengeGiles Thomas
08/10/2018Thameslink OperationsGeorge McInulty
03/09/2018Crossrail 2, where is it now?Chris Moores
06/08/2018Heathrow Southern RailwayChris Stokes (Birmingham)
02/07/2018The Digital RailwayAndrew Simmons
04/06/2018Crossrail EngineeringSir Terry Morgan
19/04/2018Spring LuncheonMike Brown MVO (TfL Commissioner)
09/04/2018The National Railway Museum Development Plan (York)Judith Mc Nicol
05/03/2018Crossrail UpdateHoward Smith
05/02/2018AGMColin Porter
08/01/2018RMT General SecretaryMick Cash
04/12/2017H.M. Chief Inspecting Officer of RailwaysIan Prosser
17/11/2017Members LuncheonLord Andrew Adonis
06/11/2017Not being a RailwaymanRob Holden
02/10/2017Stagecoach Rail GroupTim Shoveller
04/09/2017Miners and Railwaymen – money that makes for securityPaul Trickett
07/08/2017Some of our YesterdaysRichard Malins (Birmingham)
03/07/2017Railways and some PoliticsIain Stewart M.P.
05/06/2017Govia Thameslink RailwayNick Brown
08/05/2017ORR – from Rail Regulation to Rail and Road Dr Stephen Glaister CBE
20/04/2017Locomotive no. 9 and other storiesJohn Cameron (Spring Luncheon)
03/04/2017Marriage, Concessions and Open AccessSean and Jane English (York)
06/03/2017Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary Sir Thomas Winsor
06/02/2017AGMRichard Goldson
09/01/2017Network Rail after the ArmyRobbie Burns
05/12/2016A railway career in Ireland and elsewhereGerald Beesley
18/11/2016Members LuncheonNicholas Owen
07/11/2016Deutsche BahnJohannes Ludewig
03/10/2016Red for DangerCliff Perry
05/09/2016East Meets WestRob Brighouse
01/08/2016The Institution of Railway OperatorsFiona Tordoff (Crewe)
04/07/2016A Life in Railways and WaterHeidi Mottram
06/06/2016Rail Franchising in Germany and c2c UpdateJulian Drury
09/05/2016Digging for Gold , projects in mining and railwaysDon Cunningham
21/04/2016Spring LuncheonSir Peter Hendy
04/04.2016The Quintinshill DisasterProfessor Robin Smith (York)
07/03/2016Railways in Britain and IrelandSteve Murphy
01/02/2016AGMDick Fearn
04/01/2016Britain's Railways at a Crossroads?Michael Holden
07/12/2015Perspectives on PrivatisationLord Richard Rosser
02/11/2015Franchising Rail ServicesRichard Brown
05/10/2015Chiltern Railways public and privateAdrian Shooter
07/09/2015Heathrow AirportSimon Earles
03/08/2015The Birmingham Gateway ProjectMick Miller (Birmingham)
06/07/2015East-West RailPatrick O'Sullivan
01/06/2015Network Rail Past, Present and FutureRobin Gisby
27/04/2015Recollections of a Man from the MinistryJohn Palmer
16/04/2015Spring LuncheonChristian Wolmar
30/03/2015A Life under the Ocean Wave (York)Captain Stephen Upright
02/03/2015A View from the BridgeJohn Welsby
02/02/2015AGMPeter Whittaker
05/01/2015CrossrailHoward Smith
01/12/2014Franchising developmentsAndrew Nock DfT
14/11/2014Members LuncheonSteven Brindle, English Heritage
03/11/2014Dover HarbourTim Waggott
06/10/2014Hornby HobbiesJamie Buchanan
01/09/2014High Speed in Europe and JapanProfessor Felix Schmid
04/08/2014The Roundhouse DerbyIan Harris
07/07/201440 Years of Health & Safety in BritainJudith Hackitt CBE
02/06/2014UK and Continental Railway PracticeRichard Brown
12/05/2014West Coast Electrification - a RetrospectivePeter Stanton
10/04/2014Spring LuncheonBridget Eickhoff
07/04/2014Railways in China - a story of two unequal halvesIvor Warburton
03/03/2014Highlights of a Railway CareerLew Adams
03/02/2014AGMColin Boocock
06/01/2014The Railway InspectorateMajor John Poyntz
02/12/2013Railways in the 21st CenturyProfessor Rod Smith
15/11/2013Members LuncheonIan Walmsley
04/11/2013CrossrailCharles Devereux
07/10/2013The Thameslink ProjectDavid Weedon
02/09/2013High Speed 2Andrew McNaughton
05/08/2013The Development of Signalling Control Centres (Derby)Ian Mitchell (Delta Rail)
01/07/2013Railway Accidents, Lessons from the PastClive Kessell
03/06/2013Network Rail Operating StrategyIan Barnes
13/05/2013Network Rail Asset ManagementPatrick Bossert
18/04/2013Spring LuncheonClaire Porter (IRSE & Thales Transportation Systems)
08/04/2013Mail on Rail (York)Alan Williams
04/03/2013Future Railway Technical StrategyFrancis How (RIA)
04/02/2013AGM + Holding the LineChris Austin
07/01/2013Flying Scotsman USA: Unintended events of 1969Kyle Bosworth
03/12/2012Railroads of AlaskaMichael Weinman
16/11/2012Members LuncheonAnna Walker
05/11/2012Developments at London Southend AirportJonathan Rayner
01/10/2012All Steamed UpBill Parker
03/09/2012DP World London Gateway PortBob Ingram
06/08/2012East Midlands Trains (Derby)David Horne
02/07/2012When Wales met ERTMSPeter Leppard
28/05/2012The Siemens Rolling Stock StoryHans Bencker
30/04/2012The Life and Times of Sir Alastair MortonNick Comfort
19/04/2012Spring LuncheonDavid Higgins
02/04/2012Running a heritage railway (York)Philip Benham
05/03/2012c2c RailJulian Drury
09/01/2012Chiltern Railways updateAdrian Shooter CBE
05/12/2011Expanding the Network through rail based developmentJohn Chapman
18/11/2011Members LuncheonSteven Norris
07/11/2011Green Transport CampaigningStephen Joseph (CBT)
03/10/2011The BRB Lives on!Terence Jenner
05/09/2011Working at the Railway Heritage TrustAndy Savage
01/08/2011Passenger Priorities (Birmingham)Anthony Smith (Passenger Focus)
04/07/2011From Regulator to SignalmanChris Bolt
06/06/2011Railway Art and LiteratureDr Paul Salveson MBE
09/05/2011Railway and Shipping Heritage WorldwideDavid Morgan (HRA)
28/04/2011Ladies LuncheonLord Peter Snape
04/04/2011Community Railways (York)Neil Buxton (ACoRP)
07/03/2011Making the Case for RailLord Richard Faulkner
05/01/2011The Rail HeritageSir Neil Cossons (English Heritage)
06/12/2010Rail FreightLord Tony Berkeley
12/11/2010Members LuncheonSimon Jenkins
01/11/2010Major ProjectsRobbie Burns (Network Rail)
04/10/2010Rail in LondonIan Brown (TfL)
06/09/2010Living with Volcanic AshAndrew Haines (CAA)
02/08/2010The Last UK Train Builder - Derby, with Works VisitJon Seddon (Bombardier)
05/07/2010An Engineer's LifeTony Mercado (DfT)
07/06/2010Piper Alpha and SafetyLen Porter (RSSB)
10/05/2010Heritage RailwaysMark Smith (member)
22/04/2010Ladies LuncheonNick Owen (BBC)
12/04/2010Life in a Train Operating Company (York)Andy Cooper
01/03/2010The Next Ten Years at Network RailRobin Gisby
04/01/2010Reflections on PolicingSir Ian Johnston
07/12/2009Preparation for the 2012 OlympicsChristopher Garnett
20/11/2009Members LuncheonJohn Swift QC
02/11/2009Defence LogisticsMervyn Rogers
05/10/2009British Transport PoliticsLord Bill Bradshaw
07/09/2009British Airports PolicyVernon Murphy
03/08/200940 years of a changing railway (Birmingham)Gordon Rushton
06/07/2009The UK Bus IndustryLeon Daniels
01/06/2009China and TangulaIvor Warburton
11/05/2009An update on the West Coast Main LineStuart Baker
21/04/2009Ladies LuncheonElaine Holt
06/04/2009Future Structure of Railways in the UK (York)John Nelson
02/03/2009Postponed AGM + Railway Electrification Case 1981David Cobbett
02/02/2009AGMMeeting cancelled
05/01/2009High Speed Rail for BritainJim Steer
02/12/2008The Welsh Highland Railway ProjectPeter Randall
20/11/2008Members LuncheonJohn Armitt
03/11/2008The Fun and Challenge of Railway ProjectsMike Nichols
06/10/2008The Challenge of ChernobylMajor Miles Shepherd
01/09/2008An Update on CrossrailKeith Berryman
04/08/2008Tyseley Engineering in BirminghamBob Meanley
07/07/2008High Speed for KentCharles Horton
02/06/2008The Franchiser's TaleChris Stokes
12/05/2008How Things HappenTony Ridley
22/04/2008Ladies LuncheonBrenda Klug
07/04/2008York MinsterThe Rev Canon Jeremy Fletcher
03/03/2008Railway Heritage Trust - an UpdateJim Cornell
07/01/2008The Jing Peng Orient ExpressDavid Maidment
03/12/2007Eurostar and St.PancrasRichard Brown
16/11/2007Members LuncheonSir Bob Reid
05/11/2007Privatisation was Not my FaultChristian Wolmar
01/10/2007Amnesty InternationalKate Allen
03/09/2007Alfred Wainwright and IPeter Linney
06/08/2007Steam in the 21st Century - has it a future ? (Crewe)Pete Waterman
02/07/2007The Darjeeling-Himalayan RailwayPaul Whittle
04/06/2007The Railway Children - Strategy & PolicyAndy McCullough
14/05/2007Britain's Railways - Boom or BustRichard Bowker
24/04/2007Ladies LuncheonGwyneth Dunwoody
02/04/2007Northern RailHeidi Mottram
05/03/2007Station CateringTony Keating
08/01/2007Pipelines Across The WorldJohn Hammond
11/12/2006Rail in LondonIan Brown
17/11/2006Members LuncheonPeter Rayner
06/11/2006The Bluebell RailwayChris White
02/10/2006The Rail Accident Investigation BranchCarolyn Griffiths
04/09/2006CrossrailCharles Devereux
07/08/2006The Work of AEA Technology Rail (Derby)Richard Waterman
03/07/2006The New Southern RailwayNick Mitchell
05/06/2006Army to Railway ForumAdrian Lyons
08/05/2006The Great Cockcrow RailwayTony Howker
25/04/2006Ladies LuncheonCandida Lycett Graan
03/04/2006Open Access (York)Mike Jones
06/03/2006Modern Track MaintenanceRichard Spoors
06/02/2006AGM & Pension mattersIan Henderson
16/01/2006Rail Research in the EUBill Bird
12/12/2005Political ReflectionsTony Benn
18/11/2005Members LuncheonJohn Welsby
07/11/2005Lloyds RegisterDavid Moorhouse
03/10/2005A Lawyers View of the Privatised RailwayGordon Hall
05/09/2005First Great WesternAlison Forster
01/08/2005Serco and Northern Rail (Birmingham)Brian Burdsall
04/07/2005My CareerVice Admiral Sir Michael Moore
06/06/2005Japan and its RailwaysProfessor Rod Smith
09/05/2005Around the World in 77 DaysColin Boocock
19/04/2005Ladies LuncheonRebeka Sellick
11/04/2005Writing about Railways (York)Andrew Martin
07/03/2005Rolling Stock LeasingPeter Aldridge
07/02/2005AGM and PensionsDavid Maddison
06/12/2004Reflections on RailtrackSimon Osborne
19/11/2004Members LuncheonAndrew McNaughton
01/11/2004West Coast Main Line at Full TiltDon Heath
04/10/2004I too tried to run ScotRailPeter Cotton
06/09/2004Fraser Eagle – the Story so FarChris Chambers
05/07/2004National Express GroupNick Brown
07/06/2004Railways in Sri LankaPeter Lemmey
10/05/2004Irish Rail TodayDick Fearn
20/04/2004Ladies LuncheonSir David Mitchell
05/04/2004The National Railway Museum (York)Frank Paterson
01/03/2004Reflecting on RailwaysPeter Snape
05/01/2004Transport without an AutocueAlan Whitehouse
01/12/2003Riding the Canadian RailsChris Mew
14/11/2003Members LuncheonAlan Williams
06/10/2003From Stalingrad to Signalman on the SouthernHenry Metelmann
01/09/2003And now for something completely differentGareth Hadley
04/08/2003Welshpool & Llanfair Railway (Birmingham)Reg Davies
07/07/2003Matters S&TKen Burrage
09/06/2003ASLE&FMick Rix
12/05/2003Railway Safety and EuropeAidan Nelson
22/04/2003Ladies LuncheonIryna Terlecky
07/04/2003Music on the Move (York)John Spencer Gilks
03/03/2003Liverpool St and the Broadgate DevelopmentPaul Taylor
06/01/2003Wessex TrainsCharles Belcher
02/12/2002BollocksRoger Ford
26/11/2002Members LuncheonJim Cornell
07/10/2002The Welsh Highland RailwayGraham Cartland-Glover
02/09/2002“Rail” MagazineNigel Harris
05/08/2002Pendolino and West Coast Upgrade (Birmingham)Don Heath
01/07/2002The Traffic Commissioner in the 21CChris Heaps
10/06/2002The Railway ChildrenDavid Maidment
13/05/2002Channel Tunnel Rail LinkChris Jago
18/04/2002Ladies Luncheon
08/04/2002Hull Trains (York)John Nelson
04/03/2002The Railway Heritage CommitteeDr John Gough
07/01/2002Highlights of a Journey through South AmericaGordon Pettitt
03/12/2001Transport 2000Stephen Joseph
05/11/2001Members Luncheon
01/10/2001Rail Safety, Role and OrganisationBrian Alston
03/09/2001Out and About on the RailwaysHugh Gould
06/08/2001Pensions and Travel FacilitiesDavid Maddison/ Norman Wright
02/07/2001The Story of Chiltern RailwaysAdrian Shooter
11/06/2001Freight on RailLeslie Smith
14/05/2001Apologies from ChinaIvor Warburton
09/04/2001National Archive of Railway Oral History (York)Bob Urie
05/03/2001Traditions and Ceremonies - City of LondonPaul Taylor
08/01/2001An Outsiders ViewJeremy Long
04/12/2000The Post Office and rail transportAlan Williams
02/10/2000Virgin TrainsChris Green
04/09/2000Parliamentary MattersLord Tony Berkeley
07/08/2000Railway Memories and Railtrack (Birmingham)Dick Fearn
03/07/2000A Risk Manager's View of the Railway IndustryGerry Tollan
05/06/2000Stories of what the railway used to beDick Hardy
08/05/2000Revitalising Rural RailwaysDr. Paul Salvesen
03/04/2000Beware of Engines (York)John Hunt
06/03/2000Personal Finance and InvestmentRoger Temple
10/01/2000My work in the House of LordsLord Bill Bradshaw
06/12/1999Reconstruction – The Ambulance Service and OthersJohn Nelson
04/10/1999Pensions ForumJ Mayfield, D Maddison
06/09/1999Beating the Bug David Rayner
02/08/1999NEC’s role in the re-generation of BirminghamJohn Cole
05/07/1999Thameslink 2000Mark Causebrook
07/06/1999W(h)ither Franchising?Ivor Warburton
10/05/1999BR - the Last 23 YearsProfessor T R Gourvish
12/04/1999ECML - the Next Generation (York)Keith Robinson
01/03/1999RailNews and Other ThingsCyril Bleasdale
04/01/1999Railways in the Developing WorldJohn Craik
07/12/1998Integrated Transport PolicyProfessor Tony Ridley
05/10/1998A New Deal for RailwaysChris Austin
07/09/1998Personal InvestmentChris Ring
03/08/1998Harwich under Sealink & Sea ContainersColin Crawford
06/07/1998Sourcing PTE Services in the new Railway StructureMalcolm Keeley
01/06/1998On-board Signalling and Train Control Systems for twenty-first Century Peter Stanley
11/05/1998Planning & Implementation of a National Cycle NetworkJohn Grimshaw
06/04/1998APT with Hindsight (York)Alan Wickens
02/03/1998Who will make money out of Franchising - Operators, Tax Payers or Third Parties?Tim Powell
05/01/1998Life in the Freight Business after PrivatisationGeoff Hey
01/12/1997Transaid working with Save The ChildrenPeter Linney
06/10/1997The role of the Railway Heritage Trust in The New Industry StructureJim Cornell
01/09/1997Eurostar - a personal historyMichael Woods
04/08/1997Retired Railwaymen’s PensionsNorma Brass
07/07/1997Rail Privatisation - They think it’s all over - well it isHugh Jenkins
02/06/97The Railway ChildrenDavid Maidment
12/05/1997Safety Decisions - an Art or a ScienceMajor Freddie Rose
07/04/1997When I’m Sixty Four (York)Bert Gemmell
03/03/1997No lawyers please we’re all railwaymenChris Blackman
06/01/1997Railways for the New MillenniumJohn Watts
02/12/1996Traumas of Rail PrivatisationBrenda Hanks
07/10/1996More of our Yesterdays Dick Hardy
02/09/1996A view from GermanyErnst Graefen
05/08/1996Netherlands RailwaysHans Hanenbergh
08/07/1996West Coast Main LineIvor Warburton
03/06/1996The Eurostar ServiceMike Etwell
13/05/1996Something Entirely DifferentPhil Lynch
01/04/1996Progress at the National Railway Museum (York)Andrew Scott
04/03/1996Where do we go from hereLord Mountevans
08/01/1996Railways-the Labour Party policiesClare Short